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Natural Lollipop Tela
Natural Lollipop Tela
Natural Lollipop Tela
Natural Lollipop Tela
Natural Lollipop Tela
Natural Lollipop Tela

Natural Lollipop Tela


Introducing our TELA Tote - the Ultimate Companion for Women Who Embrace Style, Sustainability, and Empowerment!

Elevate your everyday with the TELA bag, a versatile and chic accessory designed to cater to your modern lifestyle. Whether you're hitting the gym, attending a class, embarking on a journey, or just conquering the daily grind, the TELA Tote seamlessly adapts to your needs.

Stay hydrated effortlessly with its cleverly crafted inner bottle compartment. This medium-sized tote boasts a full zipper closure, ensuring the safety of your essentials. It's a lightweight, comfortable, and stylish companion that keeps you on-trend while offering practical functionality.

Handmade from high-quality handwoven fabrics, the TELA Tote is durable and sustainable. The textiles we use are all locally sourced, and our production process is environmentally friendly, making each TELA Tote unique and definitely an artisanal statement piece!

The Inspiration behind our Bags:

Our collection was inspired from the over 7000 different islands of the Philippines, featuring bold colors and unique designs that capture the essence of this incredible archipelago. Experience the beauty and elegance of our handmade bags and take a piece of the Philippines with you wherever you go!!

Size: 44 x 32 cm

Inner Pocket : 26 x 20 cm

Bottle Holder : 18 cm height

Fabric: Handwoven Textile from Ilocos, Philippines.

Our #givebag philosophy:

Every TELA Tote is a testament to empowerment. Handmade by talented women in Tondo, one of Manila's most underserved communities, your purchase goes beyond fashion; it becomes a lifeline. With each TELA Tote, you #givebag, supporting ambitious female entrepreneurs as they train to become skilled bag makers.

Embrace the beauty of imperfection:

While we strive for design consistency and exceptional quality, we cherish the unique imperfections that come with handmade products. These variations are what make each TELA Tote special and unequivocally one-of-a-kind.

  • Weave: cotton
  • Inner: water repellent 
  • Take care: if you bag gets dirty, handwash it gentle with mild detergent
All bags are handmade so colours and sizes may vary slightly from the images shown online. We love this about our products, they're all unique and tell you a story.