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Cusomers Care - from one mother to another

Posted by Martha Wielens on
Cusomers Care - from one mother to another

Now in September the summer holidays are officially over across all parts of the world. We received a striking amount of pictures featuring our bag - your bag - in most beautiful settings during your summer break. The thoughtfulness of making and sharing such a picture and the effort that went into the pictures as shown by the quality have really touched us, the team at Notadaydream. You show us that you care in a beautiful and impactful way. 

Our tagline has been " From one mother to another" and this goes both ways. Our mothers give you a beautiful product and a special memory of the Philippines. On the other hand, by buying our products you support a mother to have an income and send her kids to school. By sharing your pictures and our story, you help us to spread the word and grow. Thank you for that.

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