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And then there was a team!

Posted by Allard Boudestein on
And then there was a team!

This was a big day. For the first time since launch Notadaydream had its whole team together. The mothers and one sowing son, the managers and social workers of both NGOs and their livelihood programs, our partners at Quarkus who train the mothers and support with quality control, our Manila street photographer Christelle, our partner Tina who launched a new business idea, our logistics manager Margie, a few supporters and our founder Martha. For all of us it was a lovely moment to celebrate the success of the first year and discuss together what 2019 will bring.

For starters, the two NGO livelihood programs will work closely together from now on, creating synergies and accelerating learnings. We spent a lot of time discussing quality. What does quality look like? Always think of the luxury hotel visitor who buys our product – a concept that is mystifying in this audience – these worlds are so far apart. And humor then saved it all! We had many laughs and positive discussions. We are a real team and are so looking forward to making a great year of 2019 – with retail contracts, new products and hopefully your continued support!

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